Why 'Vadukoot' ?

  • Established TRUST
  • Proven experience over 42 years
  • Innovative and reliable
  • Custom - tailored design concepts
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent service
  • We build and encourage strong relationships
  • Environmental friendly

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are the most important to us. We build our business connections on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationship last for generations.

At Vadukoot our work is never complete without the final nod of approval from our clients. Construction and engineering work is processed through stringent quality control measures and only after a series of proper inspections and tests the project will be handed over to the client. We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction and our work is not complete until all specifications & expectations of our client’s have been

The meaning behind our logo colors

Blue the colour of the ocean and sky, Blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. Blue is seen as honesty, dependablity, trustworthiness and commitment. It is often associated with depth, expertise, and stability. We adopt blue as our symbol of depth in commitment as the ocean and ambition for growth high as the sky.

Green is a natural balance of cool and warmth (blue and yellow). Green is considered as the colour of nature, environment, health and good luck, balancing and reflecting nature, which shows our dedication towards environmental protection and the green building attitude.

Red  has more personal associations than any other colour. Dark red is associated with Energy, willpower, leadership, courage and passion. For us it is the immediate attention and focus that needs to be offered to our clients, in fulfilling their requirements.