Services Overview

As your creative partner Vadukoot combines a solid and broad understanding of specific technologies and local circumstances with global operational experience. This is a good base for a comprehensive set of consultancy and engineering services that to be provided through our office.

Under the philosophy 'think in terms of solutions to client problems, be alert to market needs, react professionally and promptly, and assist clients from concept to completion', Vadukoot enthusiastically applies its multidisciplinary business approach.

Vadukoot Consultants offers you a full range of engineering services from conceptual and feasibility studies to engineering, procurement and construction management. Our extensive network of specialists world wide provides short communication lines combined with international know-how. Our sustained local presence in the industry also provides us the knowledge on local requirements, market resources and statutory authorities’ regulations.

Go Green

The built environment is an important aspect of human life. A building is 'constructed of' is just as important as 'where and how' it is constructed. Accounting for both health and environmental risk are important in the construction of new buildings. Building with eco-friendly factors in mind helps to alleviate stress on the environment as well as harm to the human body.

Where a building is built is of importance, because the ecology of the area directly contributes to the health of those within the environment. Not only can eco-friendly construction help protect the environment that contains the building, but it also helps increase the cost efficiency of the building itself. Being sensitive to the local environment promotes health as well.

How a building is constructed is important as well. If a building is designed with efficiency in mind, it will be much more cost effective, and will produce less waste. A building designed from the beginning with green ideas in mind reduces cost by utilizing waste saving strategies. What a building is constructed of, though, provides not only cost and environmental benefits, but also health benefits. Non-toxic and lead free paints are important to the health of the occupants.

Vadukoot is committed to follow its ‘Go Green’policies and eco-friendly designs to create a better world that can be offered to the future generations.

Sustainable Solutions

By delivering smart and sustainable solutions that empower our clients and enrich the communities in which they work and live, we intend to be one of India’s finest engineering and consulting firms.

What We Offer ?

Complete Architectural and Constructions Services………

We are engaged in providing creative solutions in the field of architectural construction consulting and project planning. While offering solutions we ensure that all our measures strictly adhere to the established statutory norms.Perfect amalgamation of professionalism and our in-house facilities have empowered us to offer client centric services.